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The correct usage of dog anti-depressant toys

In order to let the dog get used to being alone at home and not to have behavior problems due to separation anxiety or boring, some owners bought anti-depressed toys to go home, hoping that accompanied by toys can accompany them to spend time and be happy. However, he found that the dog did not play, or when the owner left, he dropped the toy and did not bite.

Separation anxiety is a very uncomfortable behavioral problem for both dogs and the owner. Many people will turn to anti-depression toys that are very popular nowadays, and the most classic one is "Kong". Kong is a toy that can be filled with food. Food can not only cause dog interest, but also allow him to play while playing.

The correct usage of dog anti-depressant toys

But the question now is, why do some dogs don't play this kind of toy after you go out? The problem is not in toys or dogs, but in the way you use them.

First of all, when the dog is not usually anxious, you must first teach him to focus on the toy, so that when he is anxious, he may pay attention to the toy.

You must help the dog build a situation where he feels that these anti-depression toys are not ordinary toys, they are special, not toys that can be played at any time. Usually put them in a special way, when you come out, you have to show a very precious look, let the dog think: this toy seems to be a good thing!

If your dog hears you take out a plastic bag every time, you will be particularly excited to run, thinking it is interesting or something to eat. Then you put the toy in a plastic bag, so that he will also reflect that the plastic bag must be a good thing.

Then again, the key to this kind of toy that can be filled with food is what is good in the bottom. You can try to dig some cans or put your favorite snacks inside. In addition to dog snacks, you can also put fat-free and sugar-free yogurt, some cooked chicken or his favorite food, and stuff some meat sticks or large dog biscuits in the opening of the toy. Assemble a super deluxe and delicious snack toy.

Then happy to bring this toy to the dog, causing his interest (the focus is on your tone, to show excitement). Then give him a moment (about five minutes), when he is interested, take it away, receive it in a plastic bag, take it to ice. At this time, the dog should be very interested in seeing the toy again.

Be careful: If your dog will attack you and attack you, you need someone to help, be careful!

Repeat the above steps 2-3 times a day if you can.

When your dog is appetizing, you will want to hold the toy and have a great interest in it, then you can enter the theme. You can let your dog play this toy before leaving home, about 10 minutes or so, when he is deeply involved, you will quietly leave the house.

Usually when you are at home, you still have to occasionally give the dog a toy full of snacks, so that he can maintain a considerable interest in the toy, and can also prevent him from linking the toy to the separation.

For dogs with separation anxiety, your goal is to focus them on the toy instead of focusing on what you want to go out, and hope that playing with toys can reduce their anxiety. They are happy and confident.


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