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The steps to train dogs to collect toys are open

1. Picking up: When a dog wants to learn to collect toys, the first thing is to let the dog learn to pick it up.

The steps to train dogs to collect toys are open

Put the dog on the leash, first prepare two toys that the dog likes, and one of them will play it and then throw it out (don't throw too far at first).

When the dog bites the toy, he extends his hand and says "Give me" to the dog. The dog bites the toy back to you, verbally praises it, then takes the toy it picks up and throws another one that it likes. Toys, then repeat the practice.

※ Remember to catch the toy before it is loose, instead of the dog biting it on the ground, this action can strengthen the dog bite and return it to your hand.

If the dog bites and wants to run away, please remember to use the leash to guide the dog back to reduce the chance of failure.

The steps to train dogs to collect toys are open

2. Habitual box

At first, dogs react differently to new things that appear, some dogs are not afraid to approach directly; others are afraid to approach because of fear.

If your dog is afraid of the box, you can use the dog's favorite snacks or toys, let the dog take the initiative to slowly approach, let him explore, snacks or toys can be placed inside the box and outside, to attract dogs Dogs have more desire to get close to the box. If the dog can already approach the box actively, or is already used to the existence of the box, the next step can be taken.

When the dog is willing to approach the box, please give me a verbal and food reward!

The steps to train dogs to collect toys are open

3. Receiving Toys: When the dog has already taken steps 1 and 2, you can start to combine them!

We also take out the toys and boxes that the dogs need to pick up. The boxes are placed in front of them. When the toys are thrown out, don't leave the box too far. Then use the first step to ask the dog to bring the toys back to our hands. When the dog comes back to the front of the box, you can put your hand on the box (as shown below)

When the dog wants to put the toy on your hand, you can let the toy fall into the box naturally. After a few times, you can take your hand off. When the dog has bitten the toy in the box, we can join The password for the toy. In this way, you will complete the practice of collecting toys!


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