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How to choose a safe toy for a dog?

Before choosing a toy for a dog, you must first find out the type of your dog.

Generally, large working dogs prefer big, bite, and pull-resistant toys. They pull the purpose of the bite toy, in addition to looking for fun, but also exercise their physical and biting ability. For the sake of safety, you should pick some toys that are more durable and less brittle, such as hard or soft plastic toys.

How to choose a safe toy for a dog?

Golden Retriever, Labrador, and the like, are born with the preference of items, they prefer ball games. Usually a small ball can make them play for an hour or two. Toys made of canvas, hard rubber, etc. are suitable for them.

Small pet dogs have no special requirements for toys. "Dog bites", balls, rag dolls and other toys are all rejected. Soft latex toys are soft, and the toys are colorful, and some even make a "squeaky" sound that can make the dog play more energetically.

In addition, be sure to clean the dog toys regularly. The cleaning method is simple: soak the toys in water with detergent, then carefully clean each corner of the toy with detergent or soap; then rinse with plenty of water. Be sure to wash clean; finally put the toy in the sun to sterilize, when hanging, it is best to hang the toy in a place where the dog can't see, so that the wet toy is not taken away by the dog.


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